Laws Regarding Piercing

Important Notice, Please Read Closely Regarding The Proper Identification...

Please remember that as of September 1, 2003 that it has been required in Texas that you be 18 years old to be pierced UNLESS you...are with your parent! Remember as well please, even if you are over 18, bring your ID! New state laws dictate that we photocopy it and reserve a copy in our records for two years. When coming in with a parent, please remember your ID to help us confirm your identity and relationship. If you are under age and want to get pierced, please try to acquire a state issued ID card at your local Department of Motor Vehicles before coming in. Tattooing can ONLY be performed on individuals 18 and older! This has been a law since 1976. Help to keep our industry safe, if you notice that a studio does not require that you present ID, please contact your local police department and your local or state health department.

Body Piercing-Related Bills and Legislation can be researched below

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Texas State Legislation

Legislature Age requirements (SB 61) passed 9/1/99 studio standards and licenses pending as of 04/04/2000 report?LEG=76&SESS=R&CHAMBER=S&BILLTYPE=B&BILLSUFFIX=00061 R&CHAMBER=S&BILLTYPE=B&BILLSUFFIX=00061&VERSION=5&TYPE=B